northDASH is a scalable and resilient data ingestion pipeline. It ingests data that is sent to it via 4 types of integration and loads it to a Snowflake DWH.

The northDASH data pipeline was developed by iKnowlogy M.I. Ltd.

iKnowlogy is a BI and data science professional services company. We help many online user-centric companies to become data-driven by setting up their analytic environment; developing data solutions; and performing business analysis and data science projects.

We are based in Israel and our customer include Gaming, Media, e-Commerce and SaaS companies.

You can send data to northDASH from these sources:

  1. JS – for web pages
  2. iOS and Android SDK’s – for mobile apps.
  3. Custom webhooks – for data from your backend or misc integrations.

We are company of BI and data science experts.

We will support you in setting up and starting to send data using the SDK’s and can also help you determine what sort of custom attributes to add to your events.

In addition feel free to consult with us regarding other aspects of your BI infrastructure such as dashboards and ETL processes.

No – our integration works in a way that data is only transmitted to our system, but is not saved. Data is saved only where you want it.

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